ABOUT IRONCLAD GRAPHICSIronclad Graphics is a screen printing company located in Kingston Ontario Canada. We started in 2007 and are located in NGB Studios, near the Cataraqui River.Our company provides bulk and large volume apparel screen printing to both retail and trade clients all around Canada.We operate assorted apparel presses, as well as a flat stock printing department where we print posters, signs and other related projects, in small or large format

The vast majority of the work we do is screen printed in house. Screen printing has been the standard method for decorating apparel since it’s inception over a century ago.The screen printing process is very labour intensive, sometimes involving dozens of different stages before the shirts are finally finished and ready for delivery.Each colour in each logo must be separated from the original art, and produced into a high contrast film positive. This film positive is used to expose a light sensitive printing screen, transferring that colours stencil to the mesh. After the exposure the screen is developed so the ink can pass through the mesh in the proper places, and is blocked in areas where ink should not be applied.Every colour in each design must pass through this process before the printing screens can be brought to the press for the actual printing process.Once printing screen are delivered to the press, the press must be setup with each screen, and each screen must be aligned or “registered” with each other screen, thus creating the fina image.Specialty colours are mixed using the Pantone Matching System. Once the screens are registered each colour is applied one at a time to the shirt until the final design is complete.

After the final colour, the shirt is removed from the press and sent down a long heated conveyor oven, which permanently cures the ink to the shirt.

If there are other locations to be printed, the garments are returned to the press, new screens are made and registered, and printing can commence on the next location. Additional processes include custom printed tags, hang tagging, label application and heat pressing.

Once the job is complete, the printing screens are removed from press, and the design is removed from the screen, and prepared to have the next image to be applied for another customer. Since we go through thousands of screens a year, it would be impossible to keep an archive of each screen used for each job. Thus, when a job is reordered the whole process must start again.


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