Enamel & Die Struck Lapel Pins


Soft enamel pins are an incredibly popular addition to any line of merchandise.  Designs are diecut into your choice of base metals, and then the colours are filled into the voids and the pins are fired in a kiln and polished. 

The best designs are those with clearly defined colours. Pins include up to 4 fill colours, as well as a secure rubber clutch. 


Die Struck enamel pins are 1 colour pins where the logo is pressed into your choice of base metal. These can be done in either antique or polished base metals, and are best reserved for designs with bold and clear graphics.

Die Struck pins come with either a metal butterfly clutch, or our standard secure rubber clutch.


Full colour or screen printed backing cards are available for pin orders over 250 pieces. Cards will be printed, and the pins attached to the cards ready for retail.

If you don’t want backing cards for your pins, then lapel pins come individually poly bagged.

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