Artwork Requirements

Bad art leads to bad prints. Let’s do it all right the first time!

General Artwork Info:

-Artwork files should be 300dpi Photoshop files, or Vector files from Adobe Illustrator
-Vector files are ideal as they have the best edge definition for all forms of printing
-Any fuzzy artwork, or gradients will be automatically converted into halftone dots.
-If you have artwork, but don’t have it in a production ready format, we have artwork services that can generate the files we need. 

Acceptable Graphic Files:


T-Shirt Printing Artwork Basics:

-Each colour in your design needs a separate printing screen, ink and colour separation.
-The more colours in your design = higher cost per shirt
-The more locations you want printed = higher cost per shirt
-High detail and photographic styles prints are possible, but budget for 2-6+ colours

T-Shirt Printing Image Sizes:

-Full Front or Back T-Shirt Print = 14″wide x17 tall”
-Full Sleeve Prints = 3.5″x14″
-Left Chest Prints = 3″-4″ is common

NOTE: Youth and ladies sized shirts may not be able to accommodate the largest image sizes.