What is your Minimum Order?

Our minimum order quantities for all apparel is 24 garments per design.

Price breaks are at 50, 100, 250, 500, 1000, 2500 and 5000+ pieces.

Can I bring my own shirts for you to print on?

Sorry. We only print on apparel items that we source. 

If you are a large volume promotional products supplier, or a small shop looking to increase your capacity, please contact us about Trade Printing rates.

Can I order youth or women's style shirts with my order?

That isn’t a problem but may cause issues with printing if your design is bigger than the women’s or youth shirts you choose.

Many brands of women’s and youth shirts need to be run with a 10″ image size, due to the physical limitations of the garment.

If your image size is set to 12″ for men’s shirts, then changing that to 10″ for women’s would require you to order men and women’s shirts as separate orders. Both with a minimum order of 24 pieces

Can I order different shirt colours?

For sure!  You can mix and match shirt sizes as much as you want (XXL and bigger always cost a bit more) and you can order different coloured shirts in minimum quantities of 12 units.

Keep in mind that sometimes changing shirt colours will require a design change to our printing screens. In these cases both colours would need to be run as separate orders and billed accordingly.

Do you supply a digital mockup of my print job?

Every order and reorder we print includes a free mockup. This digital rendering will show the image size, image location, print colours and any other specific details of your order.

If you are happy with the mockup, then you can approve it via email and we will move your job into print production.

Can you make me a mockup before I place an order?

Mockups and digital renderings are supplied to approve printing specs and are thus only supplied to customers that have placed an order. 

If you need a mockup before you place an order, then there will be a Graphic Design fee associated with the work. 

How do you choose ink colours?


All our apparel inks are chosen using the Pantone Matching System, chosen out of the Solid Coated book. Our ink mixing system has the ability to match every colour in the book.

If you are expecting a certain colour, then you are required to send us a Pantone colour that you have chosen out of an actual Pantone Book. Any Pantone colour is chosen via an online webpage may be influenced by your computer monitor.

Always remember that colours will look different if you’re not printing on a white underbase, or using one of our vintage or tone-on-tone printing options.

How big can you print?

All our screen printing presses will print 14″x17″

Most full-sized prints are no wider than 12″

Left Chest prints are often 3.5″-4″ wide