All walk-in projects or new client projects require a 100% upfront payment before we do any work. This is to avoid issues with billing later on.

Larger projects from repeat customers will require a 50% pre-payment before production begins. This pre-payment is non- refundable, and cannot be returned once a job has been approved and work has begun.

Jobs that are delayed or cancelled due to customer interference will not receive their pre-payment back and will be required to cover the cost of all work up until the cancellation.

Pre-Payments can be paid via credit card, debit, email money transfers, paypal, business cheque (no personal) or cash.

All turn around times are based on our current workload and prescheduled print jobs. Standard turn around time is approx 2 weeks from final job approval and payment of the 50% deposit. These turn around times are estimates and not contractual obligations. 

Jobs that are not confirmed in time for production cannot be completed by the discussed due date. Rush fees will apply at 10% per day for every day under the two week turn around time. Jobs that are not approved in time do not automatically qualify for rush service.

If clients have specific dates for delivery, they must indicate so at the time of ordering. Unapproved changes to Turn Around times can lead to the cancellation of the order and the forfeit of the deposit.

If we have sent you an artwork/job approval form, and you have approved the specs, we will move the job into production. If you request changes, after having approved the proof, you will be charged $35.00 for the changes and any additional fees necessary to issue the change. Job changes after approval can also delay your job depending on the extent of the changes. Jobs with a firm “in hand” deadlines cannot be changed and maintain the same production times.

Ironclad Graphics is not responsible for any costs, expenses or problems related to the delivery of printed goods.

Customers are responsible for the choices and decisions they make while placing an order. Garment sizes, styles, ink colours and specs are all provided in advance and/or available upon request. Customers who approve jobs without looking over catalogue numbers, ink colours, spelling, or image placement are not entitled to discounts or refunds. 

All quotes for apparel will include all setup and printing costs. As well as taxes and any other fees. We reserve the right to adjust prices at any time

Setup charges cover the cost of screen making, press setup, film making and basic colour separations, as well as screen reclaiming. They are billed as a separate unit to allow us to track each screen we make. This cost doesn’t mean you own the screen, and we do not keep them on hand after production. Each time you order, we must remake all the screens, thus you will be billed setup fees based on the number of screens we have to make. This is standard practice across the entire industry.

We provide a digital proof for all customers when they order. This is designed to show you what the finished product will look like. The proofs will show the location and approximate size of the finished piece. If you want to know exactly what the size of the print is, you need to refer to the included job specs and use a ruler to decide if the print is of sufficient size. We have standard print locations for “Full Front” “Left Chest” “Full Back” and “Shoulder Blade” prints. If your print requires special placements other than standard print locations, please let us know in detail where you would like the print.

Adjustments to mockups or digital proofs, without adjustments to the actual job order, will be billed at $30.00 a change. This is to cover the excess and pointless task of moving artwork 1/64″ in different directions, without actually changing placement or image sizes of the actual printed graphic. Always remember that the mockups show the approximate location and approximate size of the print. Different shirts are different sizes, yet the print remains the same.

Printed samples are no available for regular orders.
Blank Apparel samples are billed at the retail cost + shipping. Blanks samples are not provided for free.

We try to keep our turn around times as low as possible while affording ourselves enough time to properly do the requested work, but as our workload changes during the year, so do our turnaround times. Rush jobs can sometimes be done and are evaluated on a case by case basis. Rush jobs can be charged a minimum of 10% per day for every day under the normal turn around. If you do need rush service, it’s the customer’s responsibility to have the necessary artwork, payments and shipping addresses available immediately and be able to accept delivery in the most efficient and reliable manner. The process for rush orders is dictated by our printing schedule and needs.

We generally don’t accept customer supplied garments.

95% of jobs are shipped by UPS Standard or Purolator Ground.  Larger shipments, or extra heavy shipments, will be sent via motor freight depending on the timeline. Customers that do not leave enough time for shipping, will be required to pay all costs for airmail shipping.
All shipments are FOB our location, Kingston Ontario. Loss, damage or delay due to shipping problems will not be our responsibility, though we will do our best to help fix the situation.

We have a list of stock colours available for customers to choose from. All apparel printing inks can be mixed to match the Pantone Matching System (PMS) Solid Coated books.

Customers that supply Pantone colours must understand the following: Our colours are chosen out of approved Pantone Books. We assume any Pantone colour submitted to us will also be chosen out of these books. Pantone colours chosen our of Photoshop or Illustrator will not necessarily be accurate to actual Pantone books, and thus we cannot assure proper colour matching during production.

Since we don’t make the garments, we can only offer so many assurances as to fit and consistency. Because apparel is still sewn by real people, sometimes in various locations, variations in size, colour and finish are possible. We do our absolute best to check the shirts for defects before printing, but due to the volume of production 100% perfection cannot be assured. We will not be held responsible for garments sewn by manufacturers. We are not responsible for items that are out of stock at our suppliers or have been discontinued.

All orders are considered complete if the final unit count is +/- 5%. Customers that need exact unit counts must specify at the time of job placement. Failure to disclose turnaround times can result in job cancellation and the forfeit of the prepayment.

Customer represents that it has the right to use all logos, trademarks, service marks, trade names, and all other related artwork to be printed. In consideration of the acceptance of this order, customer warrants that the finished article is not and will not be an infringement of any valid trademark, service mark, copyright, patent, or similar right. Customer agrees, at its own expense, to fully indemnify, hold harmless and defend us, our agents, employees, officers, and successors from and against any and all liability and costs arising from or in connection with any claim or legal action brought against us charging such infringement. We reserve the right to refuse to print anything we deem to contain improper or infringing artwork. We reserve the right to use product images and samples in promotional applications. All images are the property of Ironclad Graphics and shall not be used without the written consent & permission.

We warrant to the Buyer that our products are free from defects in material and workmanship; limiting our obligation under this warranty to replacement of the product if we are satisfied it was defective at the time of sale. This warranty does not extend to any persons obtaining the product from the Buyer.

THIS WARRANTY IS IN LIEU OF ANY OTHER WARRANTY, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING, BUT NOT LIMITED TO, ANY IMPLIED WARRANTY OF MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE, AND OF ANY OTHER OBLIGATIONS OR LIABILITY ON OUR PART. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES WILL WE BE LIABLE FOR ANY LOSS, DAMAGE, EXPENSE, INCIDENTAL OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES OF ANY KIND ARISING IN CONNECTION WITH THE USE, OR INABILITY TO USE, OUR PRODUCTS. There are no warranties extending beyond those described and, where applicable, additional written warranties as to certain special products of ours. Our sole responsibility and the Buyer’s exclusive remedy for any claim arising out of the purchase of any product in this catalog is repair, replacement or credit, where applicable. In no event: (1) shall the cost of the remedy exceed the purchase price; (2) shall Ironclad Graphics be liable for any special, indirect, incidental, consequential, or exemplary damages, howsoever arising, even if we have been advised of the possibility of such damages.

Ironclad Graphics cannot be held liable for any loss, damage, or expense of any kind as a result of the use, or inability to use Ironclad Graphics supplied products.


Thread colours: Customers must choose from thread colours that are available for knitting. Pantone colours or colour matching is not available.
Proofs: We supply a digital proof to show the final layout of the toque. Before production, a photo sample will be provided of one fully produced sample. This sample must be approved by the customer before production will continue.
Colour Matching Decoration: All decoration options should be colour matched to the available knit thread colours. Customers cannot expect every colour to be available in knitting thread.
Turnaround Times: Turn around times are based on the current production load at the factory. Delays in orders due to heavy production schedules at certain times of the year are normal.
Rush Orders: Rush orders are not possible for custom knit headwear.
Customer Responsibility: Customers are responsible for all final decisions and changes to their orders.
Colour Matching: Customers are required to proof all designs on a professional-grade computer with a properly colour calibrated monitor, in a colour neutral environment. Customers who proof designs on the phone, or tablet cannot ensure their screen is properly showing the colour.

: Setup charges cover the labour and materials needed to produce one printing screen and set it up on the printing press for production. The fee does not cover the actual purchase of the screen or it’s storage for future orders. We do archive all film and artwork files, to allow for easy reorders of designs. Re-Setup fees are charged any time a previously printing order is reprinted.

INK CHANGE FEES: This covers the press downtime to change ink colours from one to another. If you need 25 shirts printed with black ink, and 25 printed with red ink, then we would need to do one ink change to switch the ink colours. 

CONSULTING: This fee covers any customer service time, meetings or other front end tasks needed to bring your job from artwork to final product.

SHIPPING FEES: Shipping fees cover the cost of shipping your order to you.

SPECIAL PLACEMENT CHARGE: If you’re printing in a really weird spot on the shirt then there may be a cost associated with the additional time needed to prep and load the item on our presses. 

HEAT PRESS FEE: The cost of applying patches or transfers to items.