WHO WE ARE: The Story So Far

Ironclad Graphics was started in the same way that many companies in the Screen Printing industry started out. We were in bands or had friends in bands, and those bands needed shirts. Eventually, those bands got bigger and went on tour with bigger bands, and it became clear that printing their shirts out of an apartment was going to start becoming a problem.

In 2004 we moved into our first shop, 1000 sq feet, with a small manual press and dryer. Within a few years, we had outgrown that space and moved into a bigger shop. We added some machines, we upgraded our presses; we worked really hard in a really small space for a long time.  Then we rented the unit next door and promptly filled it top to bottom with over 22,000 shirts for a single order; so much for the “extra space.”

By 2017 we were again in a new space, and this time we ditched the manual equipment and invested in automatic printing presses from M&R, as well as high-speed tagging presses for custom labeling. In a few short years, our capacity went up over 900%, making us one of the largest screenprinting operations in the area.

In 2019 we added an M&R I-image Direct to Screen machine, the first in our region (and one of few in Canada). This allows us the most precise and accurate image reproduction, as well as detail levels not normally available with screen printing.

We specialize in helping develop, source and produce merchandise for businesses, artists, bands, stores and community organizations. We have done extensive work in the Craft Beer and Cider industry, as well as 15+ years of general screen printing production. More recently we’ve established ourselves as a trusted partner within the emerging Cannabis industry; supplying small and large suppliers with a reliable source for their promotions and retail printing needs.

Our core services range from identity application, domestic and overseas product sourcing, custom in house manufacturing, project consulting, transportation and warehousing logistics. 

We offer merchandise packages for touring bands and entertainment organizations. Our print department is capable of producing thousands and thousands of shirts, as well as a wide range of other additional merchandise items that can bring diversity to your merch table. We have extensive experience shipping to multiple locations and have both courier and freight shipping capabilities. 

-2 x M&R Gauntlet Apparel Presses
-1 x Manual Screen Printing Press
-RapidTag High-Speed Tagging Press
-M&R 2536 Saturn Flatstock Press
-M&R TriLight MH Exposure Unit
-M&R I-Image Direct To Screen
-Epson T-Series Printers
-Hotronix Heat Presses
-Graphtec Vinyl Cutters & Challenge Paper Cutters
-Roland TrueVis 540 Solvent Jet Printer